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Aridea – The land of Giants

Where Greece begins, 100 km northwest of Thessaloniki and 530 km from Athens, in the shadow of Paiko and Voras, is Aridea. Aridea belongs to the province of Almopia, a rich rural area, with a continental climate (relatively mild winter and cool summer).

Aridea is the economic and administrative center of Almopia and the seat of the homonymous municipality.

The city of Aridea is a modern, vibrant city of about eleven thousand inhabitants and with a strong cultural movement. In addition to rich agricultural production, livestock and forestry, an important lever of economic development for the region is tourism. Justified after all, as Almopia gathers many natural beauties and popular tourist destinations and offers the visitor a wide range of tourist activities (skiing, hiking, walking tourism, mountaineering and climbing, spa tourism, agritourism, etc.).