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Municipal department of the Municipality of Aridea, N.D. of the plain of Almopia, at a distance of 15 km from the city of Aridea and 3 km from Loutra Pozar.

It is believed that the name of Orma was born from the rush, momentum that the city was located in an area (today’s Orma) from where the waters of the river flowed rapidly through the mountain. Another version of the origin of its name is that the sea reached a long time ago, where there was a bay.

It is one of the most beautiful villages of Almopia, built at the foot of Mount Voras – Kaimaktsalan and at an altitude of 230 m. From the forest of Orma or otherwise Black Forest it is said that Alexander the Great procured wood for the construction of the army javelins, the well-known sarisses that were six (6) meters long. It is one of the most beautiful forests in Greece. It is so dense that the sun’s rays never reach the ground. At a distance of 25 km from the village is the Ski Center of the Voras. The route is beautiful as one crosses the Black Forest. For those who like mountaineering and walking, Orma is an ideal place to start with a destination in the North (European trail E4) and locations of great natural beauty. Such are the “Black Forest”, the “Good Plain” (Dobro Polie), the gorge of Loutra (Ramno Bor). A short distance from Orma is the Spa of Loutra where one can enjoy a warm bath. The church of the village is dedicated to Agios Nestoras and celebrates on October 27. Next to the church, there is the “Spiritual Center” of the village, built in 1997 with a donation from the “Lillian Voudouri” foundation. On its premises there is a Library and a large hall for events. Orma is considered a traditional village. Morals, customs and traditions have their roots in ancient times. To this day, the people of Orma are reviving old habits. During the year, the most important events that take place in Orma are:

  • “Sirnitsa” – Carnival Sunday (Shrove Monday) – Fires in the village square. The inhabitants, starring the children, collect wood from the forest and transport it to the village square. There, they are stacked in an elaborate way, creating a large stack, ready to light. It is similar to the burning of a carnival.
  • “Akritia” – End of July every year – Dance events in the village square. A cultural event of utmost importance for the region of Almopia. The gathering of dance and cultural clubs from all over the world, makes Orma a cultural center for the duration of the events (usually 3 days). Of course, Greek bands also participate, as well as local clubs, dance and cultural.
  • “Chestnut Festival” – Early October of each year – Offer of chestnuts & tsipouro in the village square.
  • “Kolenta” – December 23 – Fires at the foot of the mountain of Orma.
  • “Sourva” – December 30 – Fires in the village square.