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Promachoi village is an acritic village that is 8 km away from Aridea.

It was first built as the ancients say near the border and was known to the neighboring peoples by the name Sel (ts) co Gre (ts) co, meaning Greek village. The village was named “Promachoi” in 1926 because its inhabitants were really bastions of Freedom and Hellenism as they led Captain Tsotsio (Veskos Ioannis) in the liberation of Aridea in 1912.

Today the village is one of the largest in the area, has the largest community forest of 16,000 acres. Remarkable is the existence of the cultural association “Almopes” which is known in Greece and Europe. At a distance of one kilometer from the village is the Holy Monastery of Saint Hilarion, bishop of Moglena. This monastery is historical, founded by Saint Hilarion himself, who was a great Hierarch of the Church of the 12th century, who lived and worked in the area of today’s Almopia.

Briefly we mention that Saint Hilarion was born around 1080-1090 AD. by pious Greek parents after unceasing prayers of his sterile mother to the Most Holy Theotokos. One night the Virgin Mary appeared to her in her sleep and promised her that she would give birth to a son, who would turn many from delusion to the light of the knowledge of God. When he turned eighteen, Hilarion went to a monastery in his area and became a monk. He lived with great practice, so that all the brothers of the Monastery could talk about him. Later he was assigned the elder of the Monastery and while he was still abbot Osios performed many miracles and his fame spread everywhere. Just as the Virgin Mary appeared to his mother and announced his birth to her, so she also appeared to Archbishop Eustathios of Ohrid, urging him to appoint Saint Hilarion as Archbishop of the people of Moglena. Indeed, after a while the Saint was ordained Bishop of Moglena.

The seat of his diocese is rumored to be the present-day village of Chrysi. However, the area where Osios ruled was full of heretics who followed the Monophysite Armenians and Bogomils. These heretics were settled in Moglena, which was a place of exile of all kinds of heretics, by the Komnenian dynasty. Saint Hilarion with his preaching work and his persistent anti-sectarian struggle caused the conversion of large heretical masses to the Orthodox faith. The existence of the Monastery is attested from 12 AD. century, while for the period of Ottoman rule there is no historical evidence.

Eight centuries later, the then Preacher of the Holy Metropolis of Edessa and now Metropolitan Joel, researching the life of the Holy Bishop Hilarion of Mogleni (1134-1164), found the first evidence of its existence. The testimonies of life led to the conclusion that in the place where the village of Promachoi Aridea is today, was the Monastery of Agioi Apostoloi, the spiritual center of the area with numerous Brotherhood, which he founded and where he was buried at will.